Achievers  at  Aastha 

Aastha  Institute  has  contributed  brilliant  academicians   to  the  field  of  Gems  and  Jewellery  , to   name  a  few   .

S. Shah

                Has won  the  prestigious Swaranjali  Jewellery  designning  competition  which was held in  Mumbai . 

Sejal  Shah

              Is   currently   pursuing  degree  from   the  renowned   Gemological  Institute  of   America  (   GIA  )   and  has  also    worked  previously    with  an  MNC    company who share a collaboration with   the  Antwerp's   ,who are pioneers in the field of diamonds.

Urvashi  .

               Currently  working  for the TANISHQ  ,after having succesfully completed her course in diamond grading with us .

Sanam  Mirpuri  .

              Has attained professionalism in jewellery designing with us and is now trading succesfully in this industry .

Steven  .

          Has done his entire course with   AASTHA Institute and is at present managing a store extremely well in Jamaica


These are just a few names mentioned that credit the list of achievers , which is endless.