Graduate Gemmologist Jeweller Programme  :

This course is the  mark of a a  true jeweller professional which is a proof of your training both as a professional gemmologist and as a jeweller . Increase your earning power through industry- wide recognition of your exceptional knowledge.



COLOURED STONES PROGRAMME :  The gemmology course is designed scientifically forming the basis of gem identification and the principle use of gemmological instruments .Gemstones are dealt with in totality  and the forma is at par with  the International standard in West .

JEWELLERY DESIGNING PROGRAMME : Jewellery design curriculum is on the line's of the GIA , Gemmological Institute of America .From a general introduction in basic designing to an advance designing.  , Introduction to manufacturing techniques  , drawings of designs  theory and practical exercises on stone setting , presentation and sales aesthetics , etc are some of the area's stressed on .

DIAMOND GRADING :  Diamond Clarity and Colour Grading deals with diamond right from their introduction to physical and optical properties and factors affecting diamond value .

PEARLS : Generally pearls pose a great deal of confusion in the market .This course practically trains in differentiating between natural, cultured and imitation of pearls .Simple easy to carry out practical are performed to enable trainees to understand the nature of the organic pearl .

CORRESPONDENCE COURSES : Correspondence courses for out station candidates are conducted.The courses offered vary from four to eight weeks duration round the year .

WORKSHOPS :  Workshops are conducted by  experts for the general public  who want to get acquainted with the subject and turn street-smart .


         The fees are inclusive of all study material required for respective courses . The standard  and material used are at par   with the international  standards.The environment  is perefectly created to suit  the respective  disciplines .