TIPS  FOR  BUYING         

1 .  Yellow Sapphire :  Precious gem        

      Heat- treated   yellow sapphires can  be  determined  by   keeping   them    
      under  strong   monochromatic   radiation  .  If  stone changes colour
      then it is a treated one .

2 .  Emerald :                                                     wpe3.jpg (1173 bytes)

      Flawless emeralds are hard to find ,
      they must be transparent and not opaque 
      All other green stones are translucent to opaque.


3 .  Diamonds :                                      diamonds1.gif (5527 bytes)

      All diamonds  fluoresce .The dominant colours observed in   natural   diamonds 
      are  blue to green.If however orange pre-dominates the stone  then there  might           be a   doubt about the   integretiy    of the stone.

4   Ruby      :                                         

      All natural rubies fluoresce in bright sunlight  while it's simmulants  look dull.          

5   Sapphire :                                                    

       If colour zoning or growth lines are observed in the blue stone then it signifies              that    the  stone  is a natural one .